2020’s Top 10 Podcast Episodes of the Hospice Chaplaincy Show

We have had the privilege of interviewing many awesome guests in season one of the Hospice Chaplaincy Show. This list is based purely on the most downloaded and most listened to episodes of 2020.

  1. Episode 7: Erik Cremeans On Being a Hospice Chaplain.
  2. Episode 30: Daniel Haas on Hospice Chaplaincy and Military Ministry.
  3. Episode 1: What we love about Hospice chaplaincy work.
  4. Episode 28: A Conversation with Laura Bondurant.
  5. Episode 38: Dr. Jeff Spiess on his new book, “Dying with Ease: A Compassionate Guide to Making Wiser End of Life Decisions.”
  6. Episode 36: A Conversation with Tammy Wurm on Agnostic Humanism and Hospice Chaplaincy.
  7. Episode 27: Renshin Bunce on her new book, “Love and Fear: Stories from a hospice chaplain.”
  8. Episode 9: Cassandra Brown On COVID-19, Faith and Self-Care.
  9. Episode 37: Danelle Shoemaker On Being a Hospice Chaplain.
  10. Episode 41: Dr. Harold Braswell on his book “The Crisis of US Hospice Care.”

Hospice Chaplaincy is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting excellence in spiritual care at the end of life. We are committed to the belief that people from all backgrounds, cultures and faith traditions should experience the end of life in a way that matches their own values and goals. The task of dying is complicated and often confronts us with lots of emotional and physical suffering. Hospice Chaplaincy is dedicated to providing patient advocacy, support and education services to the public, to create a cultural shift to inform and transform our thinking around the end of life.

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