Strategic Planning

The 2015- 2018 plan serves as the Hospice Chaplaincy’s guiding map for its future direction. The plan includes the following overarching goals:

Strengthen Member Engagement

Hospice care stakeholders will value membership and engage with Hospice Chaplaincy.

Build Workforce and Leadership

Hospice Chaplaincy will strive to provide good quality material to help develop a workforce composed of competent chaplains—including educators, and researchers.

Advance Knowledge and Competency

Hospice Chaplaincy educates chaplains within all career stages and practice settings to achieve high levels of competency in hospice pastoral care.

Promote Quality of Care and Evidence-Based Practice

Hospice Chaplaincy promotes training in research that expands the evidence base of the field and improves the quality of hospice pastoral care.

We welcome your feed back and look forward to continuing to work on improving the art of Hospice Chaplaincy.

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