The Hospice Chaplaincy Show is recorded here at Audiohive podcasting studio


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The Hospice Chaplaincy Show


On the Hospice Chaplaincy Show, you will hear stories of experts (hospice chaplains, social workers, grief counselors, nurses and doctors) in the field of end of life care. This podcast explores the therapeutic interventions they use to take care of their patients. The show is hosted by hospice chaplaincy experts Dr. Saul Ebema and Dr. Joe Newton.

2 comments on “PODCAST

  1. Hello Saul and Joe, I love your podcast and listen to it often while driving to the homes of my hospice patients. I work as a Hospice Chaplain and Therapeutic Harp Practitioner In the greater Salt Lake City area. I have a suggestion for your website, a Search button to help people find a particular podcast would be most helpful. It is difficult to locate a particular podcast that wasn’t done recently on your website and one must scroll and scroll and open many to find the one podcast I want more information about. I have learned a lot from listening to your podcast and encourage you to keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.


    • Hi Heidi, sorry that you have been searching the hard way. But we have a search button. At the top left corner of this website, you will see an image of a magnifying glass. When you click on that, it leads you to search anything on this website. I hope that helps. Keep us posted if it doesn’t work.


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