Hospice Chaplaincy Solutions offers Hospice Chaplain services for your Hospice. As faces of our clients’ organizations, we know how important choosing a Chaplain partner is.

We understand the modern day challenges you face on a daily basis to provide top quality healthcare services to the patients you serve. We also understand the daily stress that comes along with adjusting to constant changes in census and scheduling changes. As a staffing partner, we are here to take away that stress. We view ourselves as an extension of your staffing office and we’re available around the clock to assist you in any way we can.

We are not simply looking to fill your needs based on available personnel. We want to know and understand your specific views and preferences to help your company keep high marks when it comes to the continuity of care you provide.

For more information on how we can partner togther, please contact us saul@hospicechaplaincy.com

You can also mail us at;

Hospice Chaplaincy
P.O BOX 1186, Hines, IL 60141


Playing with daughter in hospital
Hopeful cancer woman lying in hospital playing with daughter

Hospice Chaplaincy Solutions also work to help improve your patient satisfaction scores. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the new Hospice Compare website in August 2017. As expected, CMS shared the seven Hospice Item Set (HIS) measures with dates going back almost two years (October 2015 – September 2016). Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have already announced that CAHPS Hospice scores will not be reported until early CY 2018.

In fact, in selecting the first three hospices close to our office, the pain assessment scores were highly variable at 85.5%, 79.5% and 35.0%. If a patient, family or referrer saw these scores, I am sure they would likely want to choose the hospice with the highest score from this sample.

This data shows how important it is to track and manage your Hospice’s performance improvement program with real-time scores. With a 9 month delay expected in Hospice Compare data, your scores today will be part of the CMS benchmark through June 2019.

If your Hospice is to remain competitive, you should be on top of your scores. Hospice Chaplaincy Solutions will work with you to help improve your scores. For more information, you can contact us at; saul@hospicechaplaincy.com

You can also mail us at;

Hospice Chaplaincy
P.O BOX 1186, Hines, IL 60141



If you are a chaplain looking for a wonderful and challenging career opportunity with extremely competitive compensation, look no further. We are a company with a true family atmosphere and a very supportive group of employees. We are not simply looking for highly qualified chaplains, but chaplains who have a real passion for helping people.

If you view yourself as this type of chaplain, we certainly want to speak with you. You can expect superior customer service from our staff. We are not simply looking to place you in any shift, or working situation. We want you to be working in facilities that you truly feel comfortable and happy. This is how we run our business and it has proven to be the best way for us, and more importantly, you (our chaplains) and our terrific healthcare partners.

You can contact us at saul@hospicechaplaincy.com

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