Certified by Us

Here is the latest competency check list for hospice chaplains;

For Hospice organizations looking to confirm certification through us, Here is the list of hospice chaplains certified by Hospice Chaplaincy;

Greg Nelson

Ann Stachura

Fr. George Gonzalez

Mary Ann Smith

Arthur Brainard

Arturo Vidal

Joy Camacha

Cyndi Foss

Musa Sono

Maria Castaneda

Elizabeth Johnston

Joseph Gato

Susan Honzel

Nancy Mills

Isaac Ndombele

Jeff Soerens

Tom Tu

Tamiru Abraham

Kelly Riley

Heidi Lundquist

Joshua Burgard

Jan Carole

Anna Smith

Jonathan Odoi

Michelle Miller

Terri Jo Fullerton

Diane Kazala

Robyn Marty

Maria Cardona

Joe McMillan

Patricia Parker

Diane Lemmon

Patricia Bove

Caleb Baker

Joel Powell

Gloria Miguens

William DeVizio

Douglas Bryant

Jane Benger

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