Episode 45: A Conversation with Dr. Shirli Regev

Dr. Shirli Regev is a mentor for ‘Mentors’, an Author, Hypnotherapy Certified (TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY), Chaplain Bcc (board certified hospice chaplain), and Spiritual care provider.

She shares her 24 years of experience from coaching, mentoring, empowering, and learning with you.  She holds 2 PhDs in Holistic counseling & Pastoral Counseling Psychology. She is a spiritual mentor and health-life holistic coach who holds a master’s degree in Coaching Education, a bachelor’s degree in Business, and special education. 

She coached judo and also competed internationally. She wrote 7 books about self-development, spirituality, and growth, some of which she co-authored with Dr. Rabbi Gil Tivon. 

Today she is a Holistic Counseling Doctor. 

Holistic healing coaching addresses all parts of an individual’s life, not just the physical aspect. It’s an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers, tools, skills, and understanding how to live better, healthier and owning your life’s journey.

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