Live Webinar Part 2: The role of symbols and rituals in the practice of Hospice Chaplaincy

When: Friday June 26th

Time: 11:30AM Central Standard Time

A FREE Webinar Sponsored by Hospice Chaplaincy

This is a follow up to our first webinar on this same topic. In this webinar, we will focus on the structures, meanings, and functions of symbols and rituals.

A ritual is commonly defined as a specific activity or behavior that gives symbolic expression to certain feelings and thoughts. It may be habitually repeated or a one- time occurrence.

Symbols and rituals are vital in helping patients and their loved ones when faced with the reality of impending death.  This webinar will provide ways Hospice Chaplains can tailor these symbols and rituals as therapeutic tools in the practice of Hospice Chaplaincy. The facilitators for this webinar will be Dr. Saul Ebema and Dr. Joe Newton.

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