Episode 20: Laura Goble on L’Arche as a “University for the Heart”

In Today’s episode, the hosts of The Hospice Chaplaincy Show – Saul and Joe sit down in our studios to talk with Laura Goble.

Laura Goble is the Vice National leader and the Director of community support at L’Arche USA.

L’Arche makes it possible for people’s perceptions regarding disability and vulnerability to be transformed. Since there founding, L’Arche has illuminated the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities and affirmed their inherent dignity and worth. L’Arche believes everyone has something valuable to contribute, even the most vulnerable. Our weaknesses and vulnerabilities are not to be hidden from others, but welcomed and shared.

L’Arche is a place of mutually transformative relationships. All of us, whether or not we live with an intellectual disability, desire a sense of belonging. In L’Arche, people of differing intellectual capacities, social origins, religions, and cultures build relationships rooted in trust and vulnerability. By sharing daily life together, community members experience L’Arche as a “University for the Heart,” where they learn true friendship and teach one another to love unconditionally.

You can read more about L’Arche USA here; https://www.larcheusa.org/

Hospice Chaplaincy is committed to promoting excellence in spiritual care at the end of life. Our mission is to advance research initiatives that promote a better understanding of the psychosocial and psycho-spiritual aspects of end of life care. We are dedicated to providing patient advocacy, support and education services to individuals, clergy and medical professionals resulting in improvements in providing quality spiritual care at the end of life.

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