Episode 9: Cassandra Brown On COVID-19, Faith and Self-Care

About a month ago, the Hospice Chaplaincy Show booked Cassandra Brown to talk about compassion fatigue in healthcare. Since that time, a lot has happened and the world is dealing with a pandemic no one has seen before.

On today’s episode, Cassandra Brown talks about her experience with COVID-19 after her husband Nic became the first patient diagnosed with COVID-19 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Nic was placed on full life support and was on a ventilator at one point. Through prayers and good medical care, Nic bounced back and left a heartwarming letter to the medical staff at Cleveland Clinic that went viral. She shares about that experience, her faith and the importance of self-care.

Cassandra is the co-founder of On Purpose Consulting Group; a nonprofit designed to help women live their lives on purpose, for purpose, and with purpose.  She focuses on leadership strategy, coaching, content, and community. For over 12 years, she has also been working as a nurse. Serving in different fields including; oncology, ER, and Home Care.  Cassandra is passionate about helping those who help others to understand the cost of caring and how to effectively combat fatigue.  

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