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Course Reviews

I believe in refining my chaplaincy skills and the Hospice Chaplaincy program was what I needed. I have learned a lot and recommend it to all my friends who are pursuing chaplaincy work in the hospice context. Maria

Excellent platform and fantastic courses. I was able to take my time, studied at my own pace and completed the courses.  Perfect! Josh

Thank you I learned a lot, Robyn

Thank you so much. Wonderful classes. Immensely helpful. Diane

Thank you, Hospice Chaplaincy! You have renewed my passion for bedside ministry and my dream of becoming a hospice chaplain. Ann

I work as a hospice chaplain and been doing that for 2 years. I did this course for two reasons, for professional development but also because my hospice was paying for it. Dr. Ebema was fantastic, interesting, and helpful. I plan to take any other courses you will provide! Susan

I completely enjoyed the course thank you very much, Terri

Thank you so much. Hope to do more classes in the future. Heidi

The curriculum for this course builds an essential knowledge base for professionals who deliver spiritual care in a hospice context, in order to improve the quality of care delivered to patients and families and meet accreditation requirements for expertise in the area. The course is a fully online, text based program, delivered in a continuously available and easily accessible format that allows students greater flexibility in balancing work responsibilities with furthering their education.

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The program is comprised of the following individual modules developed by an expert in Hospice care chaplaincy. Each of the course modules provided includes multiple learning objectives, rich content on the week’s topic and learning activities that allow the learner to apply the new knowledge. 

 Learning Objectives:

The following are selected, representative learning objectives.

At the conclusion of the Hospice Chaplaincy Certificate program, students will be able to:

  • Articulate and integrate current evidence for the provision of spiritual care in a hospice setting.
  • Provide patient-centered, family-focused spiritual care that understands and respects diversity in all its dimensions.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of ethical and legal issues in hospice care.
  • Incorporate awareness of, and respect for, professional boundaries when providing spiritual care.
  • Incorporate family systems theory in the practice of hospice care on a team, patient/family, and institutional level.
  • Articulate important spiritual, existential and emotional concepts for patients and families in palliative care, including faith, hope, forgiveness, meaninglessness and remorse.
  • Identify how psychology and social meaning overlap in spirituality research.

Course Outline:

  1. History and Philosophy of Hospice care.
  2. Death and Dying
  3. Understanding the dynamics of the living dying interval.
  4. Spiritual, Existential and Emotional Issues in Hospice care.
  5. Awareness of death, Family Systems and dynamics in Hospice care.
  6. Social and Cultural Influences on Hospice care.
  7. Dealing with grief.
  8. Self-care in Hospice chaplaincy.
  9. Counseling theories in Hospice care.
  10. Jewish perspectives on End of life

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