Elevate Compassion: A Free Virtual Summit

Date: June 17 and 18, 2021 Signup to attend for free now!

The inaugural Elevate Compassion Virtual Summit Series brings dynamic and engaging speakers from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada together to share their expertise and lived experiences on the health and wellness benefits of something every one of us possesses and desires … compassion.

By cultivating our individual compassion and collaborative action, we can build belonging and bring more of the proven benefits of compassion into our lives and communities.

Elevate Compassion is led and inspired by the work of Dr. Julian Abel, author of The Compassion Project and co-leader of the Frome Model. Using compassion, the people of Frome, UK, came together to beat loneliness with remarkable impact on the medical and social health of its community members.

Note: Dr. Julain Abel’s interview on the Hospice Chaplaincy Show podcast will be published to air on 6/7

Registration: Free here 

Virtual Summit Speakers

Jan Keck

Dr. Naheed Dosani

Julianne Holt-Lunstad

Frederick J. Riley

Cormac Russell

James Maskell

Fritzi Horstman

Julian Abel

Hospice Chaplaincy is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting excellence in spiritual care at the end of life. We are committed to the belief that people from all backgrounds, cultures and faith traditions should experience the end of life in a way that matches their own spiritual/religious values and goals. The task of dying is complicated and often confronts us with lots of spiritual, emotional and physical suffering. Hospice Chaplaincy is dedicated to providing support and professional development resources for hospice chaplains, patient advocacy, and education services to the public, to create a cultural shift to inform and transform our thinking around the psychosocial and psychospiritual issues at the end of life .

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