Episode 31: Derrick Hall on his remarkable journey from a gang group to Hospice Chaplaincy

In Today’s episode, Saul and Joe talk with Chaplain Derrick Hall. Derrick is an ordained minister and is the speaker/director of Begin Again Living Ministries which provides bereavement classes, workshops and healing art classes for those who have a difficulty dealing with grief and loss.

Derrick serves as a law enforcement chaplain for over 5 years on the weekends and currently works part-time as a chaplain/bereavement coordinator for an hospice agency in California. Derrick is very passionate and loves the chaplaincy. Derrick’s life experiences have taught him, the importance of listening and meeting people right where they are with no judgments, but compassion and acceptance. He believes chaplaincy is a calling, not a job.

Hospice Chaplaincy is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting excellence in spiritual care at the end of life. We are committed to the belief that people from all backgrounds, cultures and faith traditions should experience the end of life in a way that matches their own spiritual/religious values and goals. The task of dying is complicated and often confronts us with lots of spiritual, emotional and physical suffering. Hospice Chaplaincy is dedicated to providing support and professional development resources for hospice chaplains, patient advocacy, and education services to the public, to create a cultural shift to inform and transform our thinking around the psychosocial and psychospiritual issues at the end of life .

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