Episode 29: Rev. Thomas Luke talks about the Sex Trafficking of Children in Cambodia and his unusual faith journey.

Rev. Thomas Luke is the Academic Dean of Extension, Professor of Theological Studies and Lead Chaplain at Genesis University.   In this episode, Saul and Joe talk with Rev. Thomas Luke about his research on the human sex trafficking of children in Cambodia and his unusual faith journey.  Cambodia is a source, transit, and destination country where Western pedophiles prey on young children.  The traffickers are reportedly organized crime syndicates, parents, relatives, friends, intimate partners, and neighbors.

Despite human trafficking being a crime in Cambodia, the country has a significant child sex tourism problem; some children are sold by their parents, while others are lured by what they think are legitimate job offers like waitressing, but then are forced into prostitution. Children are often held captive, beaten, and starved to force them into prostitution.
Faculty link: https://www.genesisuniversity.education/thomas-luke/

In academia, some master’s programs require students to write a capstone research paper which focuses on a narrow, specific topic.                                             

Thomas Luke capstone link:  https://www.genesisuniversity.education/restoring-child-victims-of-human-sex-trafficking-in-cambodia/

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