Live Webinar: Unpacking the Complex Adaptational Tasks the Family of the hospice patient experiences during the living-dying interval

This webinar we will address the issues families of Hospice patients go through. In addition to grieving the impending loss of a family member due to terminal illness, The family is also grieving for that part of them that will be lost with the death of the patient and for the family which will be forever changed. It is a strenuous time for the family as they struggle to cope with the impending death until it becomes reality and must face intense adaptational tasks.

You can join us for this Live training via Zoom on Thursday May 28 at 11:00AM Central Standard Time. The training will be offered by Dr. Saul Ebema, an expert on spiritual care at the end of life. He has done extensive research and gained specialty in Spiritual care as a Meaning Making construct in the Final Stages of life. You can read more of his work on this website.

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