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Chaplain Services

We provide Hospice Chaplain services to many Hospices. We hope the information we have provided will help you get to know us better. As faces of our clients’ organizations, we know how important choosing a Chaplain partner is. As such, we understand that you may have more questions or be looking for additional information about us before you decide to utilize our service.

We understand the modern day challenges you face on a daily basis to provide top quality healthcare services to the patients you serve. We also understand the daily stress that comes along with adjusting to constant changes in census and scheduling changes. As a staffing partner, we are here to take away that stress. We view ourselves as an extension of your staffing office and we’re available around the clock to assist you in any way we can.

We are not simply looking to fill your needs based on available personnel. We want to know and understand your specific views and preferences to help your company keep high marks when it comes to the continuity of care you provide.

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