Everyone knows that the task of being a Hospice chaplain is very hard. Our goal is to provide free resources, to train chaplains and prepare them for competent service within the Hospice industry.

Our Mission

To advance the practice of spiritual care in the postmodern world through evidence based theories, education and research. In the process, we hope to provide quality delivery of Hospice Chaplain services and care.

Our Vision

To connect with Chaplains and Hospice providers and to offer opportunities for partnership and growth.

Our Values

1. Seeking best practices
2. Promoting Diversity
3. Promoting good ethical practices
4. Etablishing protocols that improve chaplain outcomes and  satisfaction

For any questions, contact us at saul@hospicechaplaincy.com

3 comments on “ABOUT US

  1. Rev. Tom Samuel, BCC ( Rtd)

    Hi, where are you located? In Florida by any chance? Please send more info about your program.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hospicechaplaincy.com

      Hi Rev. Samuel, we are in illinois. How can we help you?


    • Hospicechaplaincy.com

      Can you please be a little specific? Which program are you talking about?


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