Third Season Episode 26: A conversation with Jennifer Farmer on healing from griefThird Season Episode 26:

In today’s episode Saul talks to Jennifer Farmer about her book “A Healing Journey.” Jennifer is a professional intuitive, medium, speaker, spiritual teacher, and author. As an intuitive and medium, she is gifted with a heightened level of intuition, expanded psychic senses, and the gift of spirit communication. She is ranked best psychic medium in the U.S., earning the seal of approval from Bob Olson, creator of and author of Afterlife TV.

As a speaker and spiritual teacher, Jennifer is a recognized leader in personal development and spirituality, and has led signature workshops on intuition, meditation, connecting to the Spirit World, and other spiritual themes. She continues to study new teachings and regularly attends workshops as well, including the Arthur Findlay College in the UK. 

As an author, her healing meditations and new book, A Healing Journey, provide comfort and guidance, like a lighthouse in a storm for those seeking peace and renewal. Jennifer’s gifts of wisdom, insight, and intuition are unparalleled—whether she is teaching a workshop live or leading groups online. 

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