Second Season Episode 18: Recognizing and Honoring the Pause

The dictionary defines a pause as a temporary rest in speech and action. In Today’s episode, Saul and Joe focus on that ‘temporary rest in action.’– However fast you are moving, there is always the chance to pause. To rest, reflect or recover and heal, but also to appreciate, get perspective, connect to others, listen, add emphasis, or have new ideas. You can pause for effect or pause for thought. It can be planned or spontaneous, momentary, or lasting.

Kristina Jansz in her article, “The importance of pausing” writes.

Imagine reading a book in which there are no commas or periods. Page after page, all the words run together making it near impossible to decipher the intended meaning.

Imagine listening to a piece of music that doesn’t have any rests in it. What you’d experience is a collection of meaningless noise.

Imagine getting into a car and driving it from point A to point B. At your start point you press the accelerator and, without stopping at stop signs or traffic lights, you don’t release your foot until you reach point B. This action will cause chaos and destruction to you and those around you.

The commas and periods in written word and the rests in music are what give context and meaning to these forms of expressions.

Using the breaks while driving allows you to interact with others respectfully and safely on the road. All of these are examples of Pausing and they create order out of chaos. In the same way, taking time out to Pause brings meaning to the energy you output in your life.

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