Why I started Hospice Chaplaincy

Saul Ebema.

For the past week, lots of questions have been raised about hospice chaplaincy and it’s legitimacy. I started hospice chaplaincy 5 years ago as a resource site for hospice chaplains. I had my theological training at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. That is where I got both my MDiv and Doctoral degrees. My doctoral thesis was on “Meaning making in the final stages of life.” Most of the articles I have on the site are from my doctoral thesis.

Before I became a hospice chaplain with Advocate Health Care, I did a unit of CPE at Adventist LaGrange Hospital and then a residency at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital (5 Units of CPE) but none of those experiences fully prepared me for hospice chaplaincy. They prepared me for hospital chaplaincy.

I struggled with issues of hospice documentation, understanding death and dying, the dymanics of end of life care etc…

The motivation for this site is to help hospice chaplains prosper at their job and to help hospice agencies improve patient satisfaction.

The real reason I was drawn to hospice was my life experience. Here is my story.

If you’ve been through what I have been through, you can not help but walk alongside those who are dealing with death and dying.

I want to thank all the hospice chaplains and other proffessionals who have freely contributed in the last five years via articles to make this a great place for hospice chaplains and end of life practitioners. Our presence online has grown so much and watch out for new things coming out soon. This is all for you, for free with no membership required.

Everyone knows that the task of being a Hospice chaplain is harder than any field in professional chaplaincy. Our goal is to train chaplains and prepare them for competent service within the Hospice industry.

3 comments on “Why I started Hospice Chaplaincy

  1. Clair Hochstetler

    Saul, your story is Heart rending, amazing, and a powerful story of God’s grace at work in your life. Some of your resources are excellent.

    However I don’t think your first paragraph above is an accurate assessment of what is happening. I have not seen anyone questioning the legitimacy of hospice chaplaincy. In fact there are many many hospice chaplains that are part of the APC as well as the Spiritual Care Association and both are excellent organizations giving tremendous resources and support to hospice chaplaincy. Your story above is not complete. It doesn’t show the progression to what you’re doing now as a hospice chaplain and how you got there. People will want to hear this.

    I would like to see a little more information about where you are practicing your hospice Chaplaincy and who else is involved in your organization and what their credentials are i.e. where your associates got the education and certification for hospice chaplaincy etc. This will lend legitimacy and credence to what you are putting out and will get you much further down the road with professional chaplains everywhere. Perhaps that is already in place – can you share some links that show this?

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      This is Saul! I am also ordained as the Senior Pastor of Lombard Bible Church by the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Lombard Bible Church is a congregation of about 200 members. Here is the Church’s website:

      My chaplaincy is also recognized by my denomination’s chaplain Association. Here is the link;

      What I do for hospice chaplaincy is not for money. God has been good to me. I am providing free and quality resources for hospice chaplains. I don’t know why you guys at APC are threatened by this.

      I thank God for the work of APC and I will never demonize them.


  2. Noloyiso

    Hi Saul,i M Nolo a hospice chaplain,i would love to get your resourcers


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